Free Haiku

autumn wind in leaves

pierces the skin moves the soul

the voice of God felt

breeze from heaven stirs within

dust takes flight and life renewed

whence this dust so thick does lie?

dirt of evil, sin, and death?

grime of haste lies thick on all

covers life lived without pause

voice of God foul dust does blow

open windows, send dust hence

uncover gifts, long unseen

discover life, long unlived

take dust, restore life

blest gust from heaven blow on

autumn’s leaves now fall

Not exactly a haiku or tanka, but something in between!

Written at the end of a silent retreat.

Haiku #83, #84, #85, #86, #87, #88, #89, #90

keystone of the week

day of rest and hope renewed

cross and crown unite

sun breaking through clouds

ancient plan rehearsed

prayer and praise entwine as one

heaven meets the earth

bridge over river

saints in windows speak

colors play across the floor

words for those who hear

songbirds far off sing

table set for all

heavenly feast there arrayed

come and celebrate

door in garden wall

I have been experimenting with the idea showing versus telling in haiku. In the four haiku above I have closed each with a final telling phrase and then a showing phrase. Please let me know what you think or prefer or whatever!

Written for Haiku Heights, #295

Prompt: Sunday